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We start and end the day at HOME.

Home is your comfort zone. Your safe space.  Where you gather your loved ones or spend time alone and recharge your battery.  I am passionate about creating a life I love, and that means creating a home that I love.  I am here to inspire you with ways that you can create something similar for yourself, if you so desire.

This work connects me to my love of houses and my desire to see people loving their lives @ Home.


Love your Space

Setting up space in a home is absolutely one of my favorite things to do!   Let me help you get your house ready to put on the market with staging, or just shake things up so that you enjoy it more while you live there.  Design services are set up by appointment.

I will come to your home and help you make transformations to your space so that your home is experienced in the very best way possible…. for yourself or for your first open house.


divine life kitchen

Come join us at The Divine Life Playhouse for live food demos in the Divine Life Kitchen — we are making up delicious eats for your body that will be healing to your body and make your taste buds happy.

Follow along as we prepare fresh food from the garden for our community.  We have mason jar meals ready for breakfast and lunch.   Come join us for a meal or learn how to make your own at home.



Projects let's make that

Let’s make that.  You keep meaning to.  We all have great intentions when we thumb through the pages of our favorite magazines, click through sites online, or pin projects to boards.   What happens next?  We are going to help you bring those projects to life.
Let’s do it.
Let’s really do it….. not just pin it!!
Check out our calendar.  DL@H Project days give you a chance to just SHOW UP and bring those dream projects to REAL LIFE!


Divine Life Playhouse CommUnity Garden

There’s in nothing like getting your hands in the dirt and growing the food that you eat.   Join us in the CommUnity Garden.   We have an urban garden project here at The Divine Life Playhouse that is all about connecting community to healthy nourishing food.



Gather with those you love

Life is just a string of moments.   Some are messy.  Some are impromptu.  Some are created with attention to detail.   All these moments are about connecting us to our friends and family.

Let me show you how to have seasonal parties to celebrate in special ways for an important even or no reason at all.  Celebrating is about connecting more deeply with those you love and want to get to know better.



Take on the town of Nashville

I am in love with the city of Nashville.  I TAKE ON this town like I am a tourist several times a month and check out places I have never been before.  Here’s a snapshot of where I have been in East Nashville and beyond…
Restaurants, parks, museums, and shops are a big part of  what make Nashville such a great city to live in.   I feel so lucky to be a part of a thriving city.  We are a little bit home town and little bit cosmopolitan,  and it is a nice blend.  I have been here over 18 years now, so I guess its time to say that I have put down roots in this city.


come on in

Anyone can put a sign in the yard but when you open the door to one of our Open Houses it becomes a special event to show your home off in its very best light.

An open house put on by Divine Life @HOME is so much more than just wine and cheese or a plate of grocery store cookies.

Divine Life @HOME rolls out open houses like no one else.   The magic is in the details.  Themes, great snacks and drinks, and creating a great atmosphere for potential buyers to experience the house in a wonderful way from the moment they step in the door.


real estate home

There are few thing in life that light me up like homes do.   I walk in the door to a house and instantly begin to connect to it as if it were a person.   I want to hear the stories the house has to tell me.
I have been buying and selling homes for myself as home/ investment properties since 2001.   My first home was on Riverside Drive in East Nashville.  I used mostly elbow grease on it for the 3 years I was there, but by the time I left it was an entirely different experience when you walked through the door.   I was hooked and haven’t stopped buying and selling houses since then.   I typically like older homes,  but I have started exploring home building as well.   I am interested in sustainable building practices that are ecologically responsible.

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