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Which renovations will help me sell my house?

Taking some time to consult a seasoned Realtor a few months before selling your house can really pay off by making you money and saving your valuable time.  Many sellers spin their wheels performing unnecessary renovations that add little to no value to their house, all of which could be avoided with some smart prioritization of time, resources and energy.  Before you blanket the walls of your house in neutral colors, set up a consultation with your Realtor to decide which renovations will really pay off big and help you stand out when you put your house on the market.

Picking the last flowers from the tea garden

flowers from the tea garden

Picking the last of the tea from the ComUNITY tea garden before the freeze comes in. Fresh tea to keep us warm this winter.

I love being able to go out and nibble on the leaves of  the flowers I pick while walking in the garden. They are tart like wild cranberries.   I have started putting them in salads from time to time for an unusual flavor.   I collect a small basket full when I get a chance and dry them for tea.

Simple Project: Orange and Cloves

2013-11-4Divine Life @HOME project nights are starting this month!
The first project – oranges & cloves. So very simple but Kim Salter of Design Thoughts just did this project with me, and we had so much fun talking while we got creative. It’s easy and smells AMAZING! Try it at home or stay tuned for times it will be offered as a Project Session this month.

Summer Garden


The summer garden was planted late this year since we were moving in a new location- but veggies have finally been coming in the door to the kitchen. Cucumbers, kale, beans, green peppers, jalapeños…. And still crossing fingers for carrots and squash. ‪#‎happygirl‬ ‪#‎urbangarden‬‪ #‎healthyhealingkitchen‬

Design Tips- Paint and Carpet


Helping a client match paint to carpet. I always suggest taking home the small sample sizes and painting half a wall before committing to a 5 gallon bucket of one color. Kinda like relationships ;)) don’t move in with the color on the first date !
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